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Fall Collection: Back to School in Style!

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With summer ending and school right around the corner, what better way than to go back in style? Whether you are going back to high school or college, we at Trinkettes have sought out the cutest stationary, notebooks, planners, and pouches. We all know you dread homework....but why not alleviate some of that pain by doing it in a cute panda notebook or vintage styled journal? Or write down your class notes and thoughts in our whimsical Pandora journals or jot down your schedule in our oh so cute fairytale calendar/planner. Pencil pouches don't have to be dull and boring....spruce it up with a dainty faux leather pouch which can also double up as a makeup pouch as well. If you're opting for a more feminine look, we also have pastel pouches with a floral detail on the inside. With all these awesome stationary, you are sure to be ready for school!

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