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Fall Collection: Back to School in Style!

collection floral new school stationary summer vintage

With summer ending and school right around the corner, what better way than to go back in style? 

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Vintage Homemade Packaging

homemade new packaging style vintage

 We ordered about 300 kraft boxes for you lovelies! Decided to spruce it up by adding some cute stickers and lace. Let us know what you think! :) 

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New Summer Arrivals

accessories collection jewelry necklace new sale

After countless of requests from our customers, we finally decided to look worldwide for the most unique and cutest earrings available! Ranging from simple studs to dangling chandelier earrings, we are excited to share these new accessories with you all! In addition, we sought after more statement necklaces that are simple yet elegant, such as our new favorite, "Into the Horizon" piece. We have also replenished our supply of our best selling, "Cleopatra's Necklace". Since we know that the "it" look for this upcoming fall season are sophisticated pieces that are modern and posh, we at Trinkettes have stocked up...

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Trinkettes - New Store Friday!

accessories blog new shopify store sweet vintage

  Whoohoo! Thanks to Shopify for mentioning us on their New Store Friday Blog! Check it out here.

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