About Us

Trinkettes is a vision, inspired by classic and vintage jewelry. From darling rings to bold and glamorous necklaces, Trinkettes offers an immense variety of accessories for any fashionista with a love for the retro craze. Each item is carefully crafted with quality, precision, and an antique feel. 

Trinkettes is a small, yet growing business that depends heavily on the honest feedback received from their loyal customers. With each review and suggestion, the company takes each comment as a means for improvement and growth. The sole principle of Trinkettes is to provide beautiful and unique jewelry at a very affordable and inexpensive price. As the company expands, we promise that we will always keep our prices reasonable, our jewelry funky, and our customer service immediate and friendly. 

Thank you so much for shopping with us!

If you have any questions, please email us at hello@mytrinkettes.com